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January 2010

Harry Reid is my Homeboy (ummm, not really though) It came to light recently that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada made some pretty controversial remarks during the 2008 presidential race about then candidate Barack Obama. While the Republicans are calling him to step down and Democrats are accepting his apology, Sable is wondering, “What’s the big deal?”

Where is the Outrage for Mikarah Sanders? The New Year’s Eve murder of 15-year-old Mikarah Sanders leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Like, how is it that the alleged shooter who is a repeat offender and who had been officially deemed a “threat to community safety” allowed to walk out of jail?

High, Bust Still Broke One possible suggestion to get Washington State out of our current huge financial deficit is to legalize and tax marijuana. Sable is down for decriminalization, but thinks there is a better alternative.

Ceis vs. McGinn Before new Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn could even move into his new digs at Seattle City Hall, he ran into some conflict with the former administration. Maybe not a fortuitous way to start a New Year?

December 2009

Healthcare Reform: Just a Bill? Sable takes a walk down memory lane. She shows how the educational cartoons of yesteryear may have ignored a few dirty truths about how our democracy really works…or doesn’t work!

Seattle Leadership/Seattle Crime While violent crime across the nation is going down, here in the Northwest, it is actually on the rise. Will the incoming Seattle administration both green in experience and green in political priorities be ready with new ideas on how to stop this disturbing trend? A new Seattle Police commissioner might be good start.

King County Musical Chairs. King County Council needs to fill the seat left vacant by Dow Constantine. The supposedly straightforward process has devolved into a long, confusing procedure no thanks to partisan politics. Who are the real winners in this weird political game?

Eatonville Makes 3.  As this year draws to an end, the Northwest is hit by yet another horrible attack against police officers. Sable wonders what the hell is going on?

Tiger Woods?  Who Cares? No matter where you go, television, cable, the Internet, standing in line at the grocery store, yet another salacious article about golfer Tiger Woods. Sable is sick of the nonstop coverage and has a simple exercise for you to do before searching for the latest in Tiger Woods gossip.

The Reverse Racism Card. Sable responds to listener comments from her previous commentary calling out the Northwest for racist acts post Lakewood Police shootings. It doesn’t matter who is in the White House or the race of a particular criminal. Whether we like it or not, racism is alive and well in the Pacific Northwest.

NW Racism post-shootings. The recent murder of 4 police officers by Maurice Clemmons-a Black man-has led to many instances of the unfair condemnation of an entire race. Is it really fair to let one person’s actions exemplify an entire race? Real talk about race from Sable Verity.

Have Crush, Make Website? Thanks to the Internet and the availability of sites where just about anyone can create their own blog, webpage, etc., it is relatively easy for people to communicate their ideas and thoughts to the world. But what about letting someone you know you have a crush on them by creating a website? And what if both parties are just 8 years-old?

BMI or GPA: Our nation’s first historically black college, Lincoln University in Oxford, Pennsylvania has decided a few dozen of its students won’t get to graduate this spring.

Again?  How? Another police killing, this time the worst in Washington State’s history. Four dead Lakewood police officers. Two police standoffs. A zigzagging manhunt. A city on edge. Sable demands answers, especially from our dysfunctional criminal justice system.

November 2009

The revolution– is there an app for that: A controversial cell phone application has Sable wondering about the ethics and legality of our rapidly growing mobile computing technology. The revolution may not be televised, but will it be available on your smart phone?

Merit Pay? Seattle Public School Board is awarding Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson nearly $5,300 as a bonus for her performance. This despite closing schools, failing infrastructure, and the district’s huge budget shortfall.

Bring Back the 2 Paper Town: Commentary that you can disagree with, but she’ll still be right. It has been more than 8 months since the demise of the Seattle Post Intelligencer. Sable presents her evaluation of Seattle’s print media landscape, including a look at the online site which has arisen from its ashes, the

Bah, Humbug!  It’s not even Thanksgiving and you can already hear Christmas holiday songs in the malls and stores across the U.S. Sable warns us all to not be taken in by the true meaning of the early holiday tunes.

Pipeline…myth? Sable’s great news about her son’s excellent performance on the WASL standardized test resulted in some not-so-great comments. Listen as Sable dispells some myths regarding young Black men.

Shut up and DRIVE!  Sable writes a letter to Washington State about a certain law with no teeth. Have you ever picked up your cell phone while driving? This commentary is for you.

Human Services Cuts in King County: King County has a fiscal crisis on its hands, and it promises to take its toll in the 2010 budget. Thanks to a sharp decline in revenue, significant cuts must be made to offset an enormous deficit. Guess where they look to cut first?

Ofcr. Brenton Halloween Murder: For Seattle, Halloween night brought the city’s 17th homicide of the year-the 11th by gun violence. Only this one was different.

October 2009

Tunnel Vision Mike McGinn ran for Seattle Mayor with a promise to stop the tunnel replacement of the AWV if elected- until he changed his mind.

R-71 and I-1033 In one ballot issue, bigots fight to oppress homosexuals, and in the other, another Tim Eyman initiative promises to cripple the state.  Save the revenue, save the state.

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