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(Updated) Who Killed Seattle’s Danny Vega?

November 28, 2011

December 13th- SPD has now said it knows who the three individuals are who were caught on camera the night Danny Vega was beaten and left for dead.  They have also said they are still seeking a witness- who probably has no idea he’s a witness- who picked up Vega’s jacket and put it on, about an hour later.  This person is not a suspect, SPD wants the jacket because they believe it may contain evidence of the assault.

The 3 individuals of interest have not been arrested, but are being investigated.  This, according to a report from Q13 News.


November 30th, Seattle- SPD has released photos of 3 young men they think may be involved in the beating death of Danny Vega. Crime stoppers is also offering a reward:

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There is also a meeting planned for tonight at the Filipino Community Center in South Seattle, where SPD will share what they know with the community. The meet starts at 6:00pm

If you recognize anyone from the photos you’re asked to contact police right away.



November 28th, Seattle- At nearly 60 years old, Danny Vega had taken to evening walks in his south Seattle neighborhood because he cared about his health. While most of us, myself included, are at home thinking about kicking up our daily exercise routines like we all know we should, Vega was out there every day putting us all to shame.


He could have been a poster-child for the Mayor’s efforts to get more Seattleites walking and biking around the city, or for Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign. The fads of the time aside, Vega walked because, according to his friends, he knew he had a lot to live for.  He loved his life. We should all be so fortunate.

Today, Danny Vega is dead. He passed away over the weekend in the hospital, surrounded by family and friends who desperately love him. Today, while you’re reading this, going on about your daily routine, his family plans his memorial.  They wrestle with the impossible task of making sense out of truly-to-the-point-of-cliché senseless violence which stole his life.

Vega was on his evening walk on November 15th when a group of teenagers attacked him from behind, beating him unconscious and leaving him to die. Besides being beaten, the attackers robbed him too. By some miracle, Vega regained consciousness long enough to get home and call for help. He was taken to the hospital where he stayed for almost two weeks before dying from his injuries.

His killers have not been caught. There is little in the way of answers for his family and the community that cherished him. When senseless violence or murder invades your life, it’s impossible to not ask why. Why did this happen?

It might be tempting for some to blame the victim for being out after dark in a part of the city well known for violence.

Resist the urge. Danny Vega wasn’t doing anything wrong in walking a neighborhood he has lived and worked in the last 30 years.

Vega was Filipino. He was also openly gay. Was he targeted for his skin color or his sexual orientation?  Without more information those questions persist, and detectives working the case are ill-equipped to run down the answers.  The lack of progress towards justice has to be maddening. Along with wondering why, his family is left to wonder who did this?

Do they even know they’ve killed a man?


Do they care?




read the police report here


Danny Vega was attacked at approximately 7:45pm on November 15th along the 4200 block of south Othello Street. Anyone with information should contact the Seattle police department immediately. A memorial fund has been set up at Wells Fargo Bank.

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