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Top 10 Of 2010

December 30, 2010

What’s the end of a year without a top ten list? We covered a lot of topics this year; here are the top 10 read by you!

10. 206, Who Are You? I’m personally tickled you all read this piece so much! Lots of folks who live in the Seattle area don’t know much at all about the history of segregation in the area. If you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for?

9. Maikoiyo, a Creator Most of you have seen the picture of Maikoiyo Alley Barnes, taken in April 2005.  You may have heard the audio from the police dashboard camera; the unmistakable proof of an innocent man beaten by members of our own Seattle Police Department. But if there is one thing this interview taught me, it’s that none of us really knew what he went through that night. It was and still is a deep honor and privilege to interview Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes and to bring his truth to all of you.

8. Smile! Your On Candid Camera, Officer! Nothing to see here. When you’re an officer with SPD, kicking a man in the face whilst threatening to beat the “fucking Mexican piss” out of him is not a crime.

7. High School Abortion When a Ballard High School teenager secured an abortion through the referral services of the teen clinic housed in the school, her mother hit the roof- and the evening news.

6. Sticks and Stones… From “savage” to “nigger” it was a year to examine the words that offend us most- and why they’re so important.

5. 13 Years Old, Life in Prison This year I introduced thousands of you to Barry Massey.  Massey carries the distinction of being the youngest person in our country’s history to be tried as an adult formurder in the first degree, convicted, and given the rest of his natural life to spend in prison; he was just 13 years old, from Tacoma. That was more than 20 years ago. The fight for Barry’s freedom is championed by his wife, Rhonda.  You can hear my exclusive interview with her here.

For the latest update, click here.

4. Too Young to Die Alajawan Brown was just 12 years old when he was ruthlessly gunned down- allegedly- by a man who mistook Alajawan for someone else. It was a murder that rocked Seattle and King County.  The trial for his alleged killer starts next year.

3. Deputy Mayor, Line 1 But don’t worry, he’s just calling to “chat”… *wink*

2. Sable Shoplifts…? So what had happened was….awww, just read it already.

1. SPD Punch-Gate It was a year of scandal for Seattle’s Police Department, most notably the shooting death of First Nation’s wood carver John T. Williams by Ofcr. Birk in late August.  Butyour most read article was about the punch heard ’round the world. What should have been a simple jay-walking stop turned into an outrageous use of force.  The fascinating part of this particular incident (for me anyway) was the division struck in the Black community (and Seattle, and the nation) about who was to blame- the officer for losing control, or the teenager who physically challenged him?

My goodness, what will 2011 bring?

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