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#1: Murdered; Best of the Sable Verity

October 22, 2010

As a society we fail to understand the complicated implications of youth, gun and gang violence.  By providing a platform to explore the issue my hope is that we are broadening people’s comprehension and even their compassion.  The problems our youths and their families face impact all of us, and until we become invested in stopping preventable violence and death, Seattle communities will continue to bury their children.

Aaron Sullivan was shot and killed the summer of 2009.  I first interviewed his mother, Dr. Debra Sullivan, in the months after his death.  I was absolutely astounded at how open she was.  After her son’s killer plead guilty nearly a year after the shooting, I interviewed Dr. Sullivan again, this time for KBCS One World Report.  The conversation was much broader than her son.  She talks about the entire process, from the moment she got the initial call her son had been shot, to watching the young man responsible be sentenced. We may think we know what the process must be like, but in truth, we have no idea.


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