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#6: Two Kinds Of Black People; Best of the Sable Verity

October 20, 2010

In 2009 the Pacific Northwest saw a staggering number of police killings, including the murders of 4 Lakewood Tacoma police officers by a Black man named Maurice Clemmons.

As police hunted Clemmons we learned that members of his own family actively worked to help him evade police- a fact which was the tipping point for many.  Some even pointed to it as proof that all Black people are prone to criminal behavior and have no respect for law enforcement. But you see, there are 2 kindsa Black folk in this world…

There Are Two Kinds Of Black People

As Black people we know that Whites (not all) and others have a difficult time seeing the diversity of our people.  Stereotypes are fed through entertainment, music, video games, and news media that only show the extremes; Oprah or the welfare queen.  Denzel or the drug dealing, gang banging baby daddy.

Obviously (or not) we are much more than that.  But successfully establishing that reality in the minds of everyone else is as impossible as an ant pushing an elephant up an ice covered hill in a blizzard.

The case of Maurice Clemmons, the accused shooter in the Lakewood Police killings has re-highlighted the struggle to not be judge on our race, but the content of our character as individuals…more

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