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#4: Fight for THIS; Best of the Sable Verity

October 20, 2010

We can’t very well have a countdown and not include one of the most critical human rights issues of our time; net neutrality. Stop right there! Don’t you dare click away from this page!

This really is important. Net neutrality is much more than a highbrow political debate in Washington DC.  This is a real issue which impacts communities all over this country. The internet and access to information is the reality of our time, and certainly the reality of our future.  Don’t be passive. Use your voice and your power to advocate to your elected officials to do what is right, to bridge the digital divide and keep the Internet open and free.

I was absolutely thrilled to interview my friend Garlin Gillchrist III of the Center for Community Change in Washington DC, for KBCS One World Report- not just because of his all around awesomeness but because he is one of the leading voices advocating on this issue, and breaks it down better than anyone, plus he has a great personal story behind his own journey, which we also delve into.


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