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Rand Paul Is Freakin’ Awesome!!!

May 24, 2010

You probably never heard of Rand Paul before a few weeks ago.  Dr. Paul, an optometrist and son to famed U.S. Representative Ron Paul, is running for U.S. Senate in Kentucky.

Most politicians and political pundits had given him no chance, insisting the ultra-conservative, Tea Party supported Rand could never go from sorely unqualified to U.S. Senator- that is, until he won the primary election.

A day later Rand was a guest on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show. During the interview he openly questioned the authority of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  Paul says he agrees with most parts of the Act, except for the one making it a crime for private businesses to discriminate against customers on the basis of race.

He insisted he is against discrimination based on race, but also said he is against government denying anyone the right to free speech- even if those comments are racial in nature. So, Rand Paul may be against a business owner discriminating against a patron based on race- but he’s totally cool with said business owner using hate speech toward said patrons.  Uh huh.

He has also said Title II of the Civil Rights Act against discrimination was unnecessary because eventually the free market would correct itself against silly things like racism.  It’s a very idealistic view assuming people would not be racist, either as business owners or consumers.

There’s just one little sticking point- desegregation didn’t happen because business owners or academic institutions suddenly saw the light. Desegregation happened because it became a requirement of the law.

Rand’s comments got the nations attention.  Like Sarah Palin blamed Katie Couric for her painful, gaffe laden interview while running for Vice President, Rand Paul blamed Rachel Maddow for his, and he back peddled as hard as he could.

But it was too late. Video clips of the controversial comments spread like wild fire across the internet. Politicians and commentators did their best to cast the would-be Senator as a racist and a lifelong segregationist like his father.

Our nation’s most prominent African American politicians said he didn’t understand Civil Rights or the laws in question. They said Rand Paul embodies everything wrong with our country, and he doesn’t reflect America.  He stands alone.

But Rand Paul does reflect America.  We may not like what he has to say or how he says it.  We may be disturbed by the level of support he receives from the far right conservatives who want to “take back” the country from our so-called “socialist” President, but Rand Paul didn’t win the Kentucky primary because he stands alone.  He won because like-minded voters checked his name on the ballot.

I understand folks are freaked out at the prospect of this guy making it to the finish line.  But I’m not. In fact, I say bring it on- elect Rand Paul to the U.S. Senate.

Whether we like it or not, Rand Paul does represent America in the most authentic way possible.  He is not alone in his narrow beliefs on race, government and social stratification.  He and his fellow ultra conservatives aren’t going anywhere, so rather than freaking out over this unexpected guest, I say, let’s invite him to join us at the table.  We’ll raise our glasses in a collective toast: to the future of America; may the best ideology win.

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  1. June 21, 2010 1:48 pm

    I was discussing with my son yesterday while walking through Flaming Geyser park, it’s impossible to be moderate. If a person agrees with 7 out of 8 things of what you say, but questions the 8th…then that person is barraged with insults!

    Even if you say things like “well,maybe not all 100 percent of warming is manmade”…forget it, they burn you at the stake!


  1. Blurbette » Great Rand Paul piece by Sable Verity

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