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Queen Latifah’s Latest Book: Put on Your Crown

April 25, 2010

I remember the very first time I ever saw Queen Latifah.  It was courtesy of MTV (you know, when they actually showed MUSIC videos) and her “Ladies First” video from her debut album “All Hail The Queen.”

It was late at night, and I was in the basement by myself while everyone else slept and I was enjoying watching whatever I wanted, free from having to fight the losing battle of who controls the television; my brothers always won.

And then suddenly, there she was, filling up the screen.  I plugged my massive head phones into the TV so I could turn it  up louder.  I sat, eyes wide, jaw dropped, listening to every word.

The ladies will kick it, the rhyme that is wicked
Those that don’t know how to be pros get evicted
A woman can bear you, break you, take you
Now it’s time to rhyme, can you relate to
A sister dope enough to make you holler and scream

I’d never seen a Black woman rap before- not on TV.  And here she was, rappin’ in her own video with a message…about the power of women.  Amazing.

In the 21 years since, Latifah has had a level of mainstream success more performers can only dream of, with movies like The Bone Collector, Chicago, and Set It Off.

Her music has also evolved- from rap, to jazz and her most recent studio album, Persona.

Now Latifah is out with a new book that sheds light into her life and career.  Her revealing and humble memories and advise comes from the same place Ladies First did- a desire to empower young women to be the best and most fulfilled women they can.

She describes life as a series of defining moments, and tells how- for her- these moments directly impact one’s path in a host of categories, including love, money, loss, strength and joy.

She urges women to restore themselves, to support each other and draw on the collective wisdom/strength to accomplish living the life deserved.

Enter to win a free copy of Latifah’s new book:

The SV has 3 copies to give away- here’s how you can get your hands on one!


Only Residents of the US and Canada are eligible to win!

You may only enter once

Contest closes April 28th at midnight (Pacific Standard Time)

How to enter:

Become a registered member of the SV Social Commentary- Yup, that’s it!

(all SV members will be entered to win, not just new ones)

You can find the link to register your membership at the bottom of the left sidebar (under “meta”)

You must register by April 28 at midnight (Pacific Standard Time)

Be sure to use your real name and email address as we will use that information to contact you for a mailing address should you win

Winners must respond to the email notification within 24 hours or another name will be drawn

Good luck!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. fatoumata drammeh permalink
    May 24, 2010 5:35 pm

    i so want this book

  2. THink permalink
    July 19, 2010 1:32 pm

    I saw Queen Latifah on the Larry King show the other night making a plug for her book and it seems that the gist of it is that and I quote “Every woman is a queen and deserves to be treated as one.” Uh, what? Meaning she should be waited on hand and foot by servants, maids and butlers? That she should live in bourgeois decadence never caring how her subjects live in squalor? Because that’s truly what royalty is all about. How about instead “Every woman is a woman and deserves to be treated with respect as a woman, just as every man is a man and deserves to be treated with respect as a man.” But I guess that doesn’t have the gimmicky sloganeering ring to it that Latifah’s statement does.

    I’m sorry but it just irks me that some people still have this backwards, feudalistic mindset that idolizes royalty and wealth. This is 2010. There shouldn’t even BE any queens or kings in existence anymore. Idolizing royalty is to keep a mindset that gets in the way of progress. She’s famous enough now that if she just went by Latifah instead of Queen Latifah everyone this side of Mars would still know who she is so how about it Latifah? Can you drop the “Queen” from your name and get down here with the commoners who work for a living in the hot non-air-conditioned struggles of the poor? How about using that star power and gravitas to push for real wealth redistribution in this country instead of calling yourself a queen and helping legitimize an oppressive status quo?

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