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Our Country Is Sick. Diagnosis: Racism

April 12, 2010

Imagine- you turn on the radio and hear this:

As recently as 1960, our race was 90 percent of America’s population.  Today we’re less than half. And we’re dropping fast, while the dark peoples multiply like rats all around us, and as more tens-of-millions of them invade our country from all over the world. Our race is drowning literally in seas of colored mongrels. Our people buy almost twice as many caskets as cradles. Your race is dying before your eyes.

Those are the words of United States Senate candidate Glenn Miller of Missouri.  Miller, a former leader of the White Patriot Party, has taken to the airwaves with his campaign to reclaim America from anything and anyone who is not White.  He despises Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Jews, immigrants and believes the government and even the media are a part of a grand conspiracy against the pure White race.

Miller believes White people rely on cowardice to survive.  He wants that to change.  He wants white people to take a stand against the government and reclaim America and more important, the rights of White people.

Some would dismiss Miller as a lone racist with personal beliefs not shared by others.  But that can’t be true since it was a write-in campaign of the people that got him on the ballot.

In truth, Miller is one of many in a long line of closed minded bigots who have spent this first year of the Obama administration in hysterical panic.

We have the tea party movement and those who support it; they scream about socialism and compare Obama to Hitler.  What they’re really afraid of is their place on the ladder of social stratification- with a Black President, would they suddenly be cast to the bottom rung?

These Americans believe health care reform was nothing more than a cover for reparations for Black people- that the government seeks to snatch personal wealth and give it to those less fortunate.  Law makers have been intimidated, spit on, their families threatened- hell Chris Gregoire and Patty Murray have been on the receiving end of some of these violent overtures.

And then this.Last week Virginia governor Bob McDonnell proclaimed April Confederate History Month.

For many in America, the Confederacy and its iconic flag are not sources of pride.  It is a reminder of slavery and the war to eradicate it- or preserve it, depending what side of the line you were on.

Most controversial in McDonnell’s proclamation was his decision to remove language about slavery, saying he only wanted to include aspects of Confederate History he thought were most significant to Virginia.  After taking heat from the national media he inserted language addressing slavery.

It’s hard for people to accept what is happening to our country right now- we are largely divided along a color line that has nothing to do with red, blue, or purple, and everything to do with Black, White and the shades in between.

We are not living in post-racial America- the tea partiers, Governor McDonnells and the Glenn Millers of this country are proof of that.

They have whipped themselves into a frenzy made worse by people like Michelle Bachman, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin telling people not to retreat, but reload- and then claim they aren’t trying to insight violence.

These are frightening times in our country.  We cannot turn a blind eye.  We cannot hide under the myth of color-blindness and good intentions.  To fix a problem, we have to define a problem, so let’s define this one:

It’s called racism, stupid, and it’s going to get much worse before it has any chance of getting better.

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  1. April 14, 2010 11:49 pm

    I agree with much of this piece. I agree that the problem of racism is likely to get much worse before (if ever) it gets better. One reason for that is the endless repitition of the fiction that the Civil War was all about slavery. Obviously , it was an issue, but one of many. The average Johhny Reb never did or never could have owned, even land, much less slaves. To a great many of these the driving issue was that people foreign to most of them – yankees – had invaded their territory, behaving as invading armies usually do, and they saw themselves as defending their homes and lives. Others believed they had the Constitutional right to separate themselves from a Union – after all if you are not allowed to leave a union – any union – you are, by definition, a prisoner.

  2. White Guy permalink
    April 20, 2010 6:10 pm

    Why is everyone on this web site against the "white man"? How does the white man prevent you or anyone from being a completely free human being and doing whatever you please on this planet during your lifetime? Isn't it your own fear, lack of imagination and vision, and perceived lack of power that prevents you from doing what you really want to do in life? Maybe it's the profound lack of a spiritual life that prevents you from seeing that you are free to transcend during any and every moment of your life. Transcend and become enlightened. This is what you should be thinking about. No white person can do that for you. If you are not thinking about this, you have only imprisoned yourself. You think white people are not self-imprisoned in the same way?

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