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High School Clinic Helps Student Get Abortion

March 24, 2010

*rubs temples*

This is a tricky one folks.  We’ll just start off with the video below:

The knee-jerk outrage is apparent to most people; how did this happen?!  It doesn’t even necessarily matter if one is pro-life or pro-choice- do we want our kids arranging and undergoing serious medical procedures without our knowledge or consent?

Can a school- or a teen health center- just put a kid in a cab and send them off?  Does the school know the student has left the property?  Who is responsible for her safety at that point?

On the surface, just listening to the mother’s account of what happened- this all sounds very, very bad.

But a couple details stick out.  First, where the mother claims nothing in the parental consent form for the teen health center addresses abortion.  Not true.

You can see the entire form here [download id=”3″] but what it clearly states is the following:

Youth may independently access reproductive health care at any age…

The website also states very clearly:

Teens can be seen for confidential family planning services(at any age)

While the word “abortion” is not explicitly used, it’s implicit; “family planning” and “reproductive health care” are umbrella terms which include, among other things, abortion.

Signing the consent form also authorizes the teen health center staff to refer or arrange transport for students to other facilities as deemed necessary by the center staff; her signature allowed for that.

The mother claims the daughter is pro-life and was pressured into terminating her pregnancy.  Possible yes, but likely- no.  I think this girl was scared of her condition and scared of her mother, as most 15 year olds would be.  Yes, we want our kids to be able to talk to us about anything, but just because we want it, doesn’t mean we’ll get it.

I’m sure it’s hard for this mother to believe her daughter had an abortion or wanted to have an abortion.  But then again, I’m guessing this mother also never imagined her daughter was already sexually active to begin with- she is.

I think the child in this case cracked under the pressure of her deception and broke down and told her mom what she’d done because she needed her mom’s support- and also couldn’t bare for her mother to be mad or disappointed in her- that’s perfectly normal.

But if we’re going to debate this issue, I’m gonna need y’all to work with the facts here.  The “school” did not do this, the clinic run by Swedish Hospital did this.  Trust me, I’m not defending SPS, as regular readers very well know.  Nevertheless, the “school” did not have a hand in her medical care, her conversations with clinic staff, nor did they arrange for her transportation to the abortion clinic.  That was the clinic. Okay, folks may take issue with what went down and how it went down.  Some may really think the laws need to be rewritten- don’t try and take action when you’re not working off of the facts.  Don’t run around saying “omg look at what her school did!”- Her school didn’t do anything so you can’t win that fight.

Stop shielding the mom from her own responsibility.  She signed the form.  She signed the very same form that you have access to right here on the SV.  If in reading it, she didn’t understand any of the terms- she should have asked clinic staff for clarification before she signed it.  That may seem harsh, but it’s not.  It’s not as if I don’t sympathize with her struggle here, but at the same time, c’mon.

I was disturbed watching the video for another reason; that this mother has put her child out there for all to see.  yes, she spoke in shadows, yes her daughter’s face was blurred in the images shown- but let’s be real; anonymity is gone.  There were enough identifying elements in those photos that by now everyone in the school knows exactly who had an abortion.

Blaming the school is not the answer, nor is blaming the Swedish Hospital run teen clinic, nor is outing her daughter.  I understand the mother is upset- it’s not an ideal situation to be sure, but running to the media with inaccurate information was reckless in its own way.

Perhaps she should have given stronger consideration to what it will be like for her daughter to walk back through the doors of her school and face her peers now that her personal life has been exposed by the media.

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  1. SolvayGirl1972 permalink
    March 27, 2010 10:35 pm

    I think you nailed it Sable. 

  2. kim permalink
    April 25, 2010 11:15 pm

    Any minor—-including poor little rich girls—can get temporary Medicaid to pay for their abortions along with 11 months of free Medicaid funded birth control. If little Muffy from Mercer Island doesn’t want to deal with explaining a pregnancy to her parents, Medicaid will pay for her abortion and subsequent birth control.

    What troubles me is this….is Medicaid going to pay for the possible mental health treatment that may be required? How many young girls are traumatized by the experience and fall intro depression and destructive behaviors related to the trauma of an abortion experience?

    I am a post-abortive woman and I now assist at healing retreats for post-abortive women and men (rachels Though my teen abortion bothered me and I never ever talked about it, the horror and nightmares didn’t truly begin for me until many years after the abortion when I became a nurse and saw an aborted fetus up close and personal.

    When I hear of a teen suicide I always wonder if there hasn’t been an abortion along the way.

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