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Updated Exclusive: Deputy Kent Mundell Reportedly Suffered Severe Gunshot Wound To Head

December 28, 2009

Update Dec. 28

Law enforcement officials called reporters to Harborview Hospital this evening to update the status of Deputy Kent Mundell:

4:00pm: “Ed Troyer says deputy Mundell is still alive but in grave condition, “we’ll know more in half an hour, 40 minutes””

4:33pm: Seattle Times claims Mundell dead after being removed from life support.

4:46pm: Seattle Times removes story claiming Mundell dead.

5:29pm still waiting.  No exact time for presser was given

5:36pm: KIRO7 reports that Deputy Mundell has died after being removed from life support.

The memorial service for Deputy Mundell will be at the Tacoma Dome on Tuesday, Jan 5th.

Ed Troyer: deputy mundell taken off life support & shortly after at 5:04pm died surrounded by family.

Deputy Mundell’s body will not be moved till tomorrow and will be accompanied a massive law enforcement escort.

Before he passed away mundell was surrounded by his children for what Det Troyer described as “story time”

Dep. Mundell was taken off life support at 4 o’clock and died at 5:04pm.

Original Post

In the late hours of Christmas eve, details of the condition of one of the deputies involved in a shocking police shooting earlier this week were shared exclusively with the SV Blog.

According to a person with knowledge of Pierce County Deputy Kent Mundell’s current condition, the Deputy suffered at least one gun shot wound to the head, directly in the cerebellum area of the brain.  It is also been revealed that there are significant skull fragments in the brain tissue.

Harborview Hospital is barred from revealing details of a patient’s condition under federal law, however it has been previously confirmed by law enforcement that Mundell was shot multiple times in areas not protected by his bullet proof vest when he and another member of the Sheriff’s department responded to a domestic violence call in Eatonville, Washington.

Info on the Cerebellum from Wikipedia:

Cerebellum is shown in purple

The cerebellum (Latin for little brain) is a region of the brain that plays an important role in motor control; recent discoveries indicate that it is also involved in some cognitive functions, including attention and language. The cerebellum does not initiate movement, but it contributes to coordination, precision, and accurate timing.

…Because of this ‘fine-tuning’ function, damage to the cerebellum does not cause paralysis, but instead produces disorders in fine movement, equilibrium, posture, and motor learning.

ALAN BERNER / AP Harborview Medical Center staff and police shield the arrival of Sgt. Nick Hausner from public view. Hausner was visiting Deputy Kent Mundell.

The second officer, Sgt. Nick Hausner, suffered a single gunshot through the neck.  He was released from the hospital in Tacoma and immediately traveled to Seattle’s Harborview Hospital to spend time with Mundell before going home to his family.

Also late Christmas eve came more details of what happened in the Crable house when the shooting took place.  We know now that the shooter, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend, and the shooter’s 16 year old daughter, Bryona Crable were in the home.  When the gunfire erupted and the officers were hit, Bryona tackled her father and pulled him to the ground, likely preventing him from getting off any more shots.

I know that we can be quick to call a person a hero in our society, even in cases where it may not quite be appropriate, but this young woman certainly fits the bill.  In a moment when most adults would panic or flee to safety (and who could blame them) she not only kept her head about her- she took action.  Her uncle and his girlfriend also didn’t hesitate; together they pulled Sgt. Hausner into a different room, barricaded themselves inside, called 911 and began administering first aid to the officer.

Bryona's Myspace Page

But my mind falls back to Bryona.  None of us can imagine what she went through.  In a split second she saw her father not only shoot two law enforcement officers, but get shot down himself.  Even with all of the chaos around her- she jumped to action- she put herself in harms way, risking her life.

From the Seattle Times:

Mundell was shot several times but managed to return fire, striking Crable, Troyer said. Hausner also was wounded in the gunfire.

Before the mortally wounded Crable could fire again, Bryona Crable “jumped on her dad and fought him for his gun,” Troyer said.

“He went down and never got up again,” said Troyer.

The girl then ran outside, summoned neighbors and dialed 911.

…”She’s absolutely a hero, but she’s also a victim. She witnessed her dad being shot,” Troyer said. “She’s had a bad life at her dad’s hands. She saw her dad shoot two deputies and she stood up and did the right thing and tried to help our guys.”

Bryona Crable took to her myspace page, posting the following in the last day:

R.I.P Daddy, I love you ❤ [my heart goes out to Deputy Mundell && sgt. Hauser, and there family’s]

Our hearts go out to you too, Bryona.

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  1. Tim Harris permalink
    December 25, 2009 9:46 pm

    Rip my damn heart out Sable, why dontcha? The Myspace photo and quote just about did me in.

  2. SPS Parent permalink
    December 27, 2009 5:34 pm

    Wow, just wow.


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