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Eatonville Makes 3

December 27, 2009

The first time- Halloween 2009.  You hear about what happened, and how it happened- and it blows your mind.

Then less than a month later- November 30th, it happens again. And it’s four times worse than the first one.  That it even happened a second time is almost too much to wrap your brain around.

After that it’s like walking on egg shells- are we done- or is someone else going to pop up and try and kill some cops?

Emotions are still raw- the ignorant and misinformed are stoking everything with their side comments and opinions.

And then you think, “let’s just get through the holidays without any more kids finding out their parent was murdered at work and won’t be coming home.”

Let’s spare that.

Let’s put some distance between everything that is right now- and the next one.

We just buried the officers from Lakewood- the memorial service is still vividly etched in our minds.

And then- again.

Two more police officers- this time from Eatonville, Washington- both married with children.  Shot and in critical condition after responding to a domestic violence call.

One is expected to survive.  The other…touch and go.

I’m stunned.  I’m angry.  I’m in disbelief, I’m…speechless.  We all are.

The ultimate question is- why?  Why does this keep happening?

We don’t know the answers, but we want them- because we want to know how to stop it- even though we may not really be able to.

Is there a common denominator in these three incidents?  Is it the recession?  Stress?  Mental illness?  The weather- what?

It has to be just a horrific coincidence having had three of these shootings in less than two months…or maybe that’s just how it is now?  The Pacific Northwest is the Wild West?

Is it just here, or has this happened somewhere else across the country recently?

Everyone has an opinion, but can anyone give us concrete answers- is there anywhere we can go for assurance- for safety?

Can anyone tell us, what next?

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