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Seattle Times Challenges Blackness of Black City Council Candidate Forch

August 1, 2009
This is not Bobby Forch

This is not Bobby Forch

**sigh**  **rubbing temples**

It is with great disdain that I ever read a Seattle Times newspaper.  Yes, I’ll admit to going on to their site to check the news, but for the most part I stay as far away from the Times as possible.  Their coverage is obviously biased, and when it comes to race- well, they always manage to take things to a pathetic, stereotypical level and seem to really enjoy it.  They are mostdef the conservative arm of the daily news cycle in the greater Seattle area and will print some ignorant stuff in a heartbeat.

So I don’t like them and it’s no secret.  Their EDU coverage is particularly pathetic- but it seems they’ve decided that formula should extend to other areas- like politics.

Emily Hefter, who writes for Seattle Times, and coincidentally is one of their main EDU reporters, recently wrote a feature article on City Council Candidate Bobby Forch, who, in case you didn’t know, is Black.  The article is such crap that I’m not linking it, because you really don’t need to read it.

It seems that the Seattle Times decided the best way to vet Forch’s viability as a candidate was to challenge his Black card.

You know what the Black card is right?  It’s a make believe card you carry in your wallet, and you only get one if you’re really Black.  Your card can be pulled by any other member of the Black community should you do something to cast doubt on your Blackness.  Here it is as defined in the urbandictionary:

A card given to all african american people just for being black. The card must be renewed annually by scaring an undisclosed amount of white people, preferable in upperclass areas or in states like Connecticut.

“That bouncer wasn’t trying to let me in cause I had on an American Eagle shirt. I had to whip out my black card just to let him know.”

This is Bobby Forch

This is Bobby Forch

It’s not very often that White people challenge someones Black card, but, seeing as how the Seattle Times cares so deeply about Black people in Seattle they took it upon themselves to take this matter on- you can send them a thank you card later.

Hefter chose to focus on Forch’s “relationships” with “leaders” of the Black community.  Red flag.  Any time the media thinks they can go to a few well-known Black people to find out how all Black people feel about something or someone- red flag.

Hefter wanted to know if the Black candidate was “endorsed” by the Black clergy.

Well, are the White candidates endorsed by the White clergy?  Did Hefter call all the White candidates to find that out?  I’m sure her in depth report will be out this week. about all the prominent White people who are supporting the White candidates.  How does that even sound?  Why the double standard?

I digress.

Apparently some of the people she called “in the community” never got back to her.  She stupidly (thanks Barry) decided that meant those people don’t know or don’t like Bobby Forch.

Perhaps folks were worried about being misquoted by you, Emily.  Perhaps people were concerned that you were on a escaped slave hunt witch hunt, out to ruin a good man’s name, and that you would use their words to help cast him in a negative light… Just a thought.

Hefter’s final assault against Forch’s Black card was to contact James Bible, head of the Seattle King County NAACP.  Forch and Bible don’t know each other (because really, not all Black people in Seattle know each other- do ignorant reporters know that?) so Bible couldn’t speak to the issue of Forch as a candidate.

Do you notice something glaring about that last one?  Anyone with half a brain and a nickle of sense wouldn’t have ever bothered to the contact the NAACP, a non-profit organization that never has and never will endorse political candidates at the local or national level.  So why contact them?  Because the NAACP “speaks for” the Black community?  Oh hell to the no they don’t.  She may as well have called Al Sharpton and asked him what he thinks of Forch for city council. *shudder*

And is the whole point here that we should be voting based solely on endorsements?  It’s all in who you know, that’s it?  To hell with experience, right?  To hell with ability to do the job.  We shouldn’t vote for Forch because he’s qualified, we should vote for Forch because of what other people do or don’t say or think…?

You’re only validated if the Secret Seattle Black Council* puts their mark on you?

I can assure anyone who may be confused by the content of Hefter’s article that Bobby Forch is Black, inside and out, mentally and physically.  He doesn’t have to have lunch with the head of the Urban League every week to be Black or a member of Seattle’s Black community, he doesn’t have to fellowship at a traditional Black church, his kids don’t need to go to the gulliest Black school in the city.  Forch doesn’t need corn rows, a jheri curl, rollin’ a coup de ville eating Ezell’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner to be a bonafied Black man and a member of Seattle’s Black community.  He doesn’t need a platinum grill in his mouth or children by 3 women (errr, hello to Forch’s handsome son and lovely wife) in order be a Black man, a member of the Black community, concerned for the community and working proactively and effectively to create positive change for that community.

Why is it that they Black guy running for city council is being tasked by the media as the representative for the Black community to city government?  Sooo…does that mean that the White people on city council are representing only the white people in the 206?  Really?

Hell no that’s not what it means.  When you take the situation and remove Forch and put a White candidate in his place, the premise of her article becomes absolutely ridiculous and probably offensive too.  If she wrote about the White candidates the way she wrote about Forch, it would set up a fight about race and racism.  White people can’t run around saying they rep White people unless they want to be seen as a racist.  But the Black dude is supposed to do that, and he’s supposed to prove it too?

Really.  Really?  Really…

Gosh that means all the work we put into our online candidates forum was for not.  Who cares where the candidates stand on the issues, right?  Well, if you get bored and can’t sleep, check out where Bobby Forch stands on the issues that effect everyone in the city. If you care.  You probably don’t but just in case.

*The Secret Seattle Black Council is a made up entity created for the purpose of making a point- it is not real.  Calm down.

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  1. August 1, 2009 11:50 pm

    LOL I love it!


  2. August 2, 2009 8:21 pm

    Is the the very same Seattle Times that did not print a photo of the 19 year old white man who murdered, execution style an 18 year old African American with a military weapon? Is the same Seattle Times that printed the photo of the black guy who murdered the white woman in South Park, and printed the woman’s photo but not the photo of her black partner that he critically injured?

    Is the Seattle Times checked with African American “leaders” about Bobby Forch but did not call me a former WA State Legislator who thinks he is not only Black enough but smart enough to sit on the city council. However, all leaders are not elected nor do they have their names printed in the Seattle Times.

    If the Seattle Times questions him, that is good enough reason to vote for Bobby Forch.

    I just spent 10 days with the Aaron Sullivan’s mother and not in a very good mood right now and surely not feeling like tolerating the racist motives of the Seattle Times. Thank God for the Medium, they wrote a factual article and asked the right questions about Aaron’s murder, the charges and his murder.

    Thanks to Sable, I love your writing, your analysis, your issues.

  3. The Spook Who Sat By The Door permalink
    August 4, 2009 10:27 am

    Ms. Verity,

    I just noticed my “Black Card” expired. Can you tell me where the Secret Seattle Black Council distributes the applications? I couldn’t find any at the Douglass-Truth library. Also, will I have to take the test again?

    PS – a shout out to Ms. Mason. Nice to see you here.

  4. LaSharice permalink
    January 1, 2010 12:09 pm

    Maybe it’s because Bobby speaks standard English. To a Times reporter, must be somethin’ wrong with a Black man who can pronounce “ask.”

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