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Nas, His Baby Mama and Birthgate

July 29, 2009

If you’ve been reading the SV long enough you know that I don’ t like Nas.  Like, at all.  I used to like him, but ever since he got on that Nigger shit, I’ve been done with him.  Please do NOT leave a bunch of comments and emails about how his music is the shit and he’s dope conscious and I need to have a broader opinion.  No I don’t.

And since we’ve already established that it is hot as hell here in the greater Seattle area, and I’m cranky, I’m going to write on a topic that will help me clear some of my present annoyance with the world, the heat, bad ass kids at the pool and those mofo’s that owe me a check or TWO. (deep breath)

You may have heard that within the past week Nas’ soon to be ex-wife, Kellis, gave birth to their child, a son.

Nas was not present for the birth- he was in the waiting room of the hospital.

The point of the story is there have been some peeps who are really ticked that Nas wasn’t in the room when his baby was born, because it is just as much his child as it is hers.

Backthefuckup peeps.

Before we go on, and for those of you who think that because I don’t like Nas as an artist I’m about to bash him, calm down.  It’s not even like that.  And for the sake of clarity, I don’t like Kellis’ music either.  Not a single bit.  In fact, I may even like her music less than I like his.

Here’s what I do know though- Kellis was in labor for three days before she had that baby.  Three. days.

Three days.

Now, I know most of ya’ll men out there couldn’t handle an hour of labor pains, so I know you have nothing to say on that one.  Not a word.

Point 2.  Kellis asked the judge to make Nas pay her money for the kid.  Itemized expenses for the child.  Nas fought it all the way- he didn’t suggest a lower amount than Kellis, he suggested nothing.

Point 3- if you missed it in point two- they’re getting a divorce.  Since she’s the one who filed for it, I’m betting she doesn’t much care for him in general.

Point 4. Nas showed up at the hospital drunk the night before the baby was born- so drunk he didn’t even make it to his soon to be ex-wife’s room.  That never works in one’s favor.  Like, never.

Should a man have a right to be present when a child is born?  No.  For patients and families, the birth of a baby is an experience.

For the medical professionals on hand- it is a medical procedure.  What is in the best interest of the patient is what goes.  In this case the patient is mom and then baby.  If mom has anxiety, it impacts the birthing process.  Women know this.  Some unfortunate men do to.

Being in labor is not something that can really be described.  The longest I was in labor was 17 hours and that was without drugs and without a hospital.  I used the Bradley method for labor, which requires an unparalleled level of concentration.  In order to maintain that level of concentration over my body, whatever I said (within reason) was law- for everyone; midwives, husband, family.  If you were distracting, you had to go.  I can’t imagine having someone in the room that I really felt genuine disgust towards as well.  Get the hell out, would be all I could think.  Get. out.  If you came to my birth drunk I might pick up the rocking chair and hit you with it.

And it must be said, that there are perfectly loving husbands and fathers who have missed the birth of their child because their emotional, overwhelmed, physically tortured wives put them out of the delivery room.  It’s unfortunate, but it happens.  Birthing a child is the hardest thing to do, physically.

That’s why women were given the job.

So quit with the outrage that he was “kept” from the birth of his baby.  The facts would suggest he didn’t deserve to be there.

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  1. July 30, 2009 4:39 pm

    Wow, I didn’t know it was like that between them. I honestly haven’t paid any attention to the goings-on between Nas & Kelis. The most I know from online headlines is that he probably wishes he still sold crack to assist in paying that hefty spousal support/child support.

    As for the being in labor thing? You’re right, the hospital and the mommy to be has the say so.

    I like Nas even though I feel he’s fallen off creatively. I am disappointed that he would show up DRUNK while his wife is in labor pending divorce or not.


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