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Seattle Youth Step Out For PEACE

July 17, 2009

P1030253Success.  Tonight the City of Seattle, along with the Showbox, SeaSpot, Seattle Police and others hosted a Party for Peace for Seattle’s youth in the SODO district, and man, was it crackin’!

Kids from all over the city filled the club after signing a pledge for peace to participate.

In the wake of the violence and murders impacting the youth, coming together for something positive was desperately needed- but not easy to pull of.

Chikundi Salisbury (DJ Kun Luv)- along with a host of volunteers- stepped up to bring the vision to reality.  It was no easy task.

Normally, renting out a club, printing specialty tickets and staffing security costs upwards of 10k- the Showbox commited to donating its venue and staff.

The City of Seattle handled the necessary insurance, and the SPD (and its Union) worked to make certain an adequate number of police officers could also donate their time, and more than 50 adults from the community (including your truly) pledged to work as chaperones- an entertaining job to say the least!

Once these key components were in place the party was a “go”.

Cara Atchison, Volunteer Coordinator for the SeaSpot was instramental in the planning and execution of the event, explained why she didn’t hesitate to volunteer her time:  “I work with the youth, and I’ve lost quite a few in the past year and a half, I was honored [to volunteer].  Once all of the logistics were in place, it really moved itself from that point, [but at the same time] it really was a risk, and that’s what I keep explaing to the youth; we’ve all put our names, our jobs, our reputations on the line to be able to do this, and if it goes really bad, really fast, that’s all you’ll hear about, and there won’t be another opportunity to do this.  That was motivation in itself, to show that we can get the youth together and do something positive.”


Word of the event has traveled beyond city limits.  “There are neighboring cities that have contacted us,” Atchison explains, “who are interested in doing the same thing, so it will be interesting to see how that pans out- there may be a trend that’s been set at this point.”

“I feel vindicated!” Kun said at the close of the night, “the villiage came together, and we did it.  This is the wave of the future, we’re putting the power back in the village.  This is for the good kids.  We’ve got all kinds of resources going to the bad kids, with outreach and job readiness for these kids that can’t get it together- we had more than 700 kids sign their names and take the peace pledge- that’s incredible.  The vast majority of kids want something like this- they don’t want to be held hostage because of a couple of knuckleheads, they want to have a good time with good people.”

The night truly couldn’t have been better.  On to the next- let’s get it!

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  1. July 18, 2009 11:13 am

    Awesome! Kun said it best. All these resources for the misguided kids. Let’s praise the good kids too.

  2. July 27, 2009 6:53 am

    thanks Kun you are truly carrying the baton passed to you in this relay for a more humane society. I need you right now and will call you.

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