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Government wants to help YOU quit smoking- ‘cept for the Black folk…

May 26, 2009

This is one of those clear cut cases of institutionalized racism, that all I can do is shake ma head and mutter ‘typical’.

So the government wants to help us quit smoking.  Well, wait, not us…in fact, it doesn’t want to help ANYONE who’s hooked on the minty menthol flavored cancer sticks.  Huh.  What a shocker:

“A bill to regulate tobacco products has lost the support of a black antismoking group, which said Thursday that the legislation failed to adequately protect the health of African-Americans because it would not ban menthol flavorings from cigarettes.  Many antismoking groups have seen the menthol exemption as a necessary compromise in getting a tobacco bill through Congress. They have noted that the bill would empower the Food and Drug Administration eventually to limit or ban menthol and other tobacco additives if it found those products to be unhealthful.  The legislation, which has been cleared by crucial committees in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, would ban candy, fruit and spice flavorings in cigarettes, but specifically exempts menthol flavorings.”

Many saw it as a necessary comprimise?  WTF for?  Candy flavors target the youth; a no-no.

Menthol’s target Black people…but that’s a’ight…necessary even.  Easy to throw on the chopping block in the name of stopping or preventing White people from smoking.


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